Covering a broad subject matter of the terrene and unseen, Gabriella Molina is interested in all the forms and non-forms of natural phenomena. Born and raised in the primal vegetative mass of the Big Island of Hawaii, Gabriella became familiar with abstraction at an early age and set out to giving shape to what would suggest what isn’t capable of being seen, microcosmically and ethereally. In 2008 she began her studies at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and received a BFA in painting in 2013. Transitioning to life in an urban environment has only increased her drive and necessity to invent the natural like surroundings created in her paintings.

Excavating forms from these terrestrial like surfaces she comes out with the relics of dream phenomenon and the desires of a race made disconnected from the earth. The paintings transform a view into a world of connection, of the unseen to the seen, and of places that exist untouched by logic and reason, of the spiritual plight of the mind. Gabriella continues to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, inspired by the cultural passion for art and sharing her diverse body of work offering a vital and raw perception. 


I see painting as an opportunity to express what can’t be seen or understood. In this series, a human’s essential vision comes into the narrative of nature’s lengthy processes, from disintegration to regrowth, and as it differs as transferring forms of energy. What it is that can’t be seen comes central to everything as it is composed, on the smallest level, of empty space. The patterns and textures become the terrene elements of the a larger and a very minute level of the world that is made up boundless space, undetectable to the naked eye and part of a cycle that occurs over massive amounts of time. My paintings are geared towards this lengthy perspective, how life was made, how formlessness is given form, and form is made from formlessness through a series of unplanned but connected gestures and movements that result in the perceived world, with imprinted and endless motion.

My goal is to allow a disorientation of rational sense and meaning, and inspire the senses to come into contact with this shared physical space and each individual’s own unique consciousness  with a sense of openness and freedom by using the grounding elements of the texture to create a space from where the undefinable can be observed. Using a traditional medium such as oil painting, the obliteration of identification and the celebration of process can continue, constantly breaking free from the past and of a world still fixed on meaning. These creations are for the emotion and intelligence beyond rational subjugation. a space for meditation and a journey into the undefinable mystery and the unseen within the terrene.